Our Partners

Chef Paris provides affordable, healthy, and tasty meals to the PushU clientele. Clients are able to place custom orders based on the meal plans created up by their trainer.


I created Ancient Healing Tea’s after studying natural health abroad in Ghana, Togo and the Caribbean. I came home to heal myself from Malnutrition, Eczema, Anemia, Constipation and other common issues of Americans. Shortly after my successful results, friends and family also came to me to help them achieve more energy, better sleep, optimal womb health and so on. I became a Certified Natural Health Professional and I began sharing my experiences with friends and community members, and word spread quickly—everyone wanted in on my Ancient Healing Teas. Ancient Healing Tea’s are all-natural, nutrient dense, herbal teas. They provide the much-needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies need and yearn for while taming our sugar cravings and giving us tons of energy. Since then, the demand for my Ancient Healing Tea’s has grown beyond my community, and the rest is history! Come to Push U today to order your Ancient Healing Teas!

-Amani Shakhete, Founder of Ancient Healing Tea’s